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Benefits Of Having A Takeaway Beverage Menu For Your Restaurant

Benefits Of Having A Takeaway Beverage Menu For Your Restaurant
If you’re running a bar or a restaurant business, you have to be mindful of your menu. It is the first thing your customers look for when dining in your establishment. For whatever reason, you have to be particular about showcasing it, including takeaway signs.


There is a drink or beverage menu for bar and restaurant menus. Should you incorporate the list of these items in your food menu, or should you create a separate checklist of them?

This article will tackle the benefits of creating a beverage menu for your resto for customers that want to dine in or order takeaways.

Why Should You Create A Separate Beverage Menu?

1. It provides a good customer experience

You should present the list of your drinks with style in an individual menu. Drinks menus are, by no means, a staple in trendy and fine dining restaurants. Then again, even if you operate a small cafe, it makes sense to design an independent list of your drinks. 

Is it a few selections of wine or standard cocktails such as cranberry or vodka that you serve, among others? If so, you can have them indicated on a different menu other than the listings of your food items.

Like many establishments, the list of drinks served is shoved at the back of the food choices or else displayed on an unkempt table tent.

However, it’s worth noting that serving and presenting unique drinks on a separate menu can be very profitable, as exemplified by numerous successful restaurants.

2. It leaves more space for your food menu

You ought to showcase that the beverages served in your business are special, and this is through an individual listing of them. Yes, ordinary drinks may be indicated along with the food items, but extraordinary ones should be printed on a different menu.

One of the perks of this strategy is that you leave additional space for the list of your food choices, making your menu look neat and organized. This is a crucial factor in providing a pleasant customer experience. You’ll prevent creating this accessory on multiple pages, even when you’re showcasing new dishes.

3. Presenting seasonal drinks becomes easier and cost-efficient

Seasonality is an essential aspect of running a bar or restaurant. In this case, you can integrate this into your beverage menu. With a separate list, this task becomes more straightforward and less expensive.

Come the dead of winter; you can serve drinks for warming up like Moscow Mules or Irish Coffee, along with tangy and effusive red wines such as Shiraz or Zinfandels.

If it’s the summer season, your customers can be refreshed if you offer Mojitos and icy Prosecco. 

Having your beverages printed on a different menu saves you the trouble of reprinting all of them. On the other hand, you have to switch the seasonal drinks checklist.

4. It avoids disappointing your customers in case some items are unavailable

In terms of inventory management, a separate drinks menu is also beneficial. You steer clear of disappointing a customer in a situation when the beverage (such as wine) that they want to order is out of stock. You can change your list at a moment's notice should an item not be available.

5. It caters to specific groups of customers

Suppose you sell non-alcoholic beverages like flavoured sodas, freshly blended fruit juices, or virgin cocktails. It will be handy to present to expectant mothers, children, or designated drivers, making them enthused to order special drinks.

Non-alcoholic drinks can be showcased on a standalone listing, giving your menu an unexpected stylish touch. Then again, your menu should be conspicuous, too, so you have to make means to design effective menu signs.

5 Tips To Design A Profitable Beverage Menu

Two vital elements should be considered when designing a beverage menu: cost-efficiency and profitability. Below are five tips pertaining to this.

1. It should be visible

You have to make your menu visible and accessible to customers. For instance, you can place it on your storefront for passers-by to notice. Inside your bar or restaurant, present them on the bar or the tables. If you have a website, indicate your listing on it and your social media channels. It should be effortless for your customers to identify your drinks menu.

Contrary to common practice, the menu should not be collected immediately after the customers place their orders. Give patrons time to further browse through it because it will help upsell and make repeat orders.

2. It should be simplified

Printing the beverage choices on a separate menu prevents overwhelming your customers, too, as they don’t have to deal with looking through a long list of food items. Drink selections should be specified to do away with overcrowding. Keep it light but ensure that interesting options are highlighted.

3. It should be focused

What is your campaign about? Do you intend to sell mostly cocktails, beer, or wine? Thus, keep your list clear and simple when advertising your drinks. For each category of your menu (i.e., beer, wine or cocktails, etc.), provide a dozen items.

So if you serve beer, list a dozen of them, and the same goes for your wines and cocktails selections. This method focuses better on enticing upselling as customers enjoy friendly service.

4. It should include creative descriptions

It greatly helps in selling when your items are presented with creative descriptions. Embellish your drinks items with inviting adjectives to whet your customers' appetites. When serving cocktails, do more than just note the ingredients.

Words used to describe your beverages should be punchy, such as “smooth” or “robust,” or “tangy” and “fresh.” It will perk up your guests and make it easy to make their orders.

5. It should stick to the theme of your venue

If your restaurant venue is trendy or sophisticated, design your menu accordingly. Give it a touch of elegance as well. The same goes if your location has a more casual or pub atmosphere.

Your menu should be printed on high-quality paper that is easy to replace. It doesn’t have to be overly fancy but displays a clear message about your establishment.


With these tips, you will be able to design an effective and attractive separate drinks menu for takeaways or dine-ins that will boost your business.

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