How to Say Do Not Disturb Nicely: Captions, Designs, & Shapes

How to Say Do Not Disturb Nicely: Captions, Designs, & Shapes

“Keep out,” “Bugger off”, “Stay away,” or most importantly, “Do not disturb” are words you simply don’t yell to get what you want- and that’s peace. When you’re at work in your corporate or home office, there are many instances when you don’t want anyone distracting you. So how do you do it? How do you nicely say “do not disturb” to folks on the premises?

Apparently, you can say it with nicely captioned “Do Not Disturb” door hangers, too. There are virtually heaps of ideas for these messages, and some of them are listed below.

Nicely Captioned and Designed DND Signs Ideas

1. Minimalist “Nope” and “Yep” DND door hanger

This door and office sign use only two words- one on each side, “Nope” and “Yep” to indicate your accessibility status. Well, you get the message. This DND door hanger is handmade with materials of wood, plywood, polyacrylic, and laser-engraved with its letterings. This (home) office accessory is 8.25 inches tall and 3.25 inches wide. Whether you are working at home or in the office, you can use this minimalist and playful door hanger to inform everyone about what’s up while you’re having fun.

2. Two-sided “In Session Please Do Not Disturb” and “Welcome Please Knock” sign

This is actually a door hanger plaque ideal for the spa salon or the office. It’s pretty attractive because it is handcrafted and made of wood, paint, latex letterings, and sealant. Measuring 8 inches by 6 inches, this wood sign is high-quality and hand-painted wood. Its message is perfectly visible because of its durable latex lettering. With sealant applied, this door sign can last a lifetime.

3. DND wooden door hanger with “Emotionally Unavailable,” “Recharging My Social Battery,” “Introverting,” and “GO TF Away” captions

You can choose from any of these fun sayings for your DND door hanger. They are handcrafted with materials of MDF, fiberboard, and sublimation. They’re quite tall, 9 inches in height, and their width is 3.54 inches. If you’re an introvert who enjoys spending your time alone, these DND wooden door hanger signs are perfect for promoting your self-care. Setting boundaries without verbalizing them are gentle reminders to the people around you to respect your need for privacy.

4. “On A Call” DND sign door hanger for home office

This door sign accessory is handcrafted, and it is suitable for all kinds of people making calls and doing all types of work when they need peace. Vloggers, presenters, podcasters, musicians, those in a meeting, and even parents can mainly make good use of this sign in pertinent situations. This door hanger is durable as long as it is always kept dry as it is made of thick card.

5. “My Door Is Always Open Except Right Now- Meeting In Session” on the front, and “I’ve Been Waiting For You!” on the back wooden door sign

What a charming accessory this handmade item is. It is made of wood, acrylic paint, glue, and jute, and it has an 8”x 8” x .25” dimension. With this door hanger, you can wonderfully say to your co-workers that they can either come in or return later. You’ll find these two contrasting messages on this sign's front and back sides. These letterings are engraved by laser onto its wood surface.

6. “Mom Is Working. Do Not Disturb Unless You’re Dying, You’re Bleeding, You’re On Fire, There’s A Wine Truck Outside, The Amazon Guy Is Jason Momoa” door hanger

This twine and MDF material DND sign is handcrafted, and it’s pretty cute with its 9 ½ inches height and 5 ¾ inches width. This MDF wood is engraved with its silly and fun captions, and it is hung on twine and accented with a bow.

7. “Do Not Disturb Genius At Work” metal wall sign tin plaque

This DND sign is ideal for hanging at home, in the bedroom, lounge, dining room, kitchen, or home office. It is handmade and made of aluminium. As an aluminium metal wall art, this item is high quality and its print is deluxe glossy, making it attractive. Double-sided sticky pads are used to attach it to the wall, so there’s no need to drill holes. If you’re a collector, this item would be a great addition to your collection. Otherwise, it will also make a great gift to someone who likes to work or is a busybody. The style of this accessory is rusted, and it can give a retro look to your decor.


These are some of the fantastic ideas for your DND door hanger captions and messages. There’s no need to be stern or a killjoy even when you’re a workaholic or just plain working. Have fun telling people to “scram” and enjoy doing your thing!

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