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Menu Covers

Tabletop menu holders are available from Worldwide Menus Hospitality Supplies in a wide variety of materials, including leather, real wood, and acrylic. With such a large selection, we want to help you find the ideal item for your dining and hospitality establishment. You may learn about the various product categories and the kinds of settings they work best in by reading the material below.

  • Framed

As a kind of protective sleeve, this will usually enable you to insert your printed material within the holder. This kind of product, which is frequently referred to in the trade as a menu cover, is robust and simple to maintain. In a busy setting where the menu is susceptible to change on a daily or weekly basis, these types of items make it quick and simple to modify your material.

  • Triangle Table Top

There are three sides to this fashionable product. Using this method, you can use printed material of conventional size to display three distinct components of your product or promotional offers. Typically, one of our wide variety of materials will be used to create the menu holder's actual frame.

  • Wooden

Our hardwood product line is just as flexible and extensive as our metal line, and it offers just as many holding possibilities and finishes. The possibilities are unlimited because wood is a material with such a wide range of uses. 

However, several of the wooden menu holders in our regular collections have a blackboard feature that lets you write on the item. Other choices include a simple block that serves as the table's freestanding foot and a larger alternative that can store multiple items. To provide you with a wide selection of wooden accessories for your restaurant or venue, we can manufacture and finish a variety of wooden tabletop items.

  • Metal

This kind of product can come in a wide variety; the metal substance is strong and durable and is typically made of aluminium. The actual mechanism can be as basic as a tabletop block or clip that only holds the lowest edge of your printed paper, or it can be a full-frame solution that stands alone like a picture frame. 

For any restaurant or venue, two products may be made from our metal menu holders by personalising and printing them with your company's logo and branding. The majority of the collection also includes table number identification.

  • Acrylic

Due to their affordability, durability, and ease of maintenance, acrylic tabletop goods are a preferred option throughout the industry. Our selection of acrylic menu holders is made from the best grade acrylic available. 

From Worldwide Menus, you can choose from a variety of acrylic goods, the majority of which serve as a straightforward and inconspicuous freestanding foot to clamp your printed menu material and position it in the middle of the table. The product line also includes an acrylic holder solution that employs magnets for attaching and a whole picture frame solution that you slide your menus inside of. 

This is the simplest method for daily product and promotion changes. To consistently provide the greatest products at all times, we design, test, manufacture, and grow our inventive line of products constantly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top six related frequently asked questions about menu holders;

  • What is a menu holder?

In most cases, menu holders will either hold freestanding menus so that consumers can remove them and read them or they will create a protective frame to display your menu on a tabletop. While most menu holders have two sides, others might have three or four sides and serve as a table centrepiece.

  • What are menu holders made of?

Depending on your demands, they are available in wood, leather, and plastic. World Wide Menus offers a variety of menu holders, menu covers, and menu boards in brilliant colours, distinctive designs, and tactile surfaces that are sure to catch the attention of your diners.

  • What are the different styles of table setting?

The formal, informal, and basic table settings are the most popular ones. The dinnerware and utensils that would typically be used with the relevant eating style are included in each place setting.

  • What is menu stand?

The menu stand, also known as a sign frame, is frequently a restaurant or bar's first point of contact with a patron. Due of this, a modern, clean design is required for the signs display. The menu stand should complement and improve the restaurant's aesthetics.

  • How do you arrange dinner plates?

The dinner plate should be positioned in the middle of the table. Left of the plate is where the fork should go. The knife should be positioned to the right of the dinner plate, followed by the spoon. Place the water glass over the knife in the upper right corner.

  • What side does the napkin go on?

Either on the very outside of the fork or to the left of it goes the napkin. Put the napkin on the plate if there are three forks at a formal table. Unfold the napkin and place it in your lap before you sit down. Place it on your chair if you get up.


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