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Our wide range of products designed for your restaurant includes printed placemats and coasters. Designed to complement your interior decor and promote your venue. Such as;

  • Solid wood coasters
  • Round rood coasters
  • Rustic placemats
  • Black wood tablemats

Printed placemats, as well as customised placemats and coasters, are available in a wide range of materials, colours, and sizes.

Printed placemats and personalised products add an extra touch of class to the dining experience. Just like our restaurant and hotel presentation products, we can customise your placement and coasters with your brand.

Digitally printed logos and branding can be added to our wood products as well as traditional materials. This wooden coaster is a great addition to any dining table. Our placemats and coasters are all made of high-quality materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between placemats and table mats?

is that a table mat is a cushion or stiff material that is put on top of a table, below a tablecloth, whereas a placemat is a placemat.

What are the best placemats?

Because they're easy to wipe clean and frequently stain-resistant, placemats made of vinyl and other types of plastic may provide a lot of protection from spills. They're also usually crumb-resistant and long-lasting. Wooden placemats (don't forget to check out our wooden cafe barriers) are also an excellent choice for busy restaurants and cafés.

What are the benefits of using placemats?

Their main purpose is to keep the dining table clean and free of watermarks, food stains, and heat damage. Placemats made of lace or silk, in particular, can be used as decoration. They can be used to advertise menu items, offers, local companies, or children's games at restaurants.

Are your products made with the safety of the environment in mind?


All our wooden coaster and placemat products are FSC© certified, FSC© contributes to the protection of our forests.

The Forest Stewardship Council© (FSC©) helps protects forests, the people and the wildlife who live in them. FSC© is a worldwide organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests.

At Worldwide Menus, we are proud to have received FSC© Certification for all our wooden products.

What can I use for my coaster?

The drinking coaster is widely regarded as a saviour for your table: -

  • They can be utilised as a unique branding tool with your logo on them.
  • Protect the surface of a table from hot or cold beverages.
  • Upcoming events or special offers can be advertised on them.

Are Placemats out of Style?

Sometimes, when serving a table, whether for your family members alone or you have guests, you wonder if placemats are out of style. Placemats are not out of style. For instance, faux leather placemats are never out of fashion. If you do not know the type of placemats that fits your table, you might think they are just out of date. From the placemats and coasters set we have, there is always something that will fit every table.

Why do people think Placemats are Outdated?

There are several reasons why people think placemats are outdated. That fact is, aside from placemats made from faux leather, many other placemats are still in style. Even a woven placemat is still stylish. 

Here are some reasons why some people think placemats are outdated:

  • They refer to the design

Most times, when people say placemats are out of style, they are referring to the designs that are not in vogue. Some designs come and go, but placemats themselves remain. The style of your placement may make it look as though it is outdated. This is why we expand our set of placemats to include a variety of modern designs. Even the designs with traditional looks are still in style and are preferable for people who like traditional things with a touch of history.

  • The placemats do not fit

Some placemats are not the most suitable for the tables they are placed on. The kind of table you have will determine the kind of placemats that will fit it better. For some tables, bamboo placemats will fit better. For some, it might be a linen placemat, while for others, it might be braided placemats. Once you know what fits your table, you have no style issues.

  • They have not been to the right place

Where you shop for placement also matters. The set of placemats you see will influence your opinion on placemats. If you visit a store with limited styles and materials of placemats, you might think that is all there is to it. Your opinion will change when you check our well-stocked store with a wide variety of placemats to suit any aesthetic preference. We have placemats for different occasions, including Christmas placemats. Our collections are so vast you can get personalized gifts for your loved ones.

  • They have bought fake products before

Not all placemats and coasters are made from durable materials. Some are made with materials that cannot withstand extreme temperatures and months of usage. As such, they lose their strength and beauty after a short while. People who have experiences with these kinds of products may judge every placemat and coaster based on their experiences. Our placemats and coaster set are always made of durable materials. They are suitable for the dinner table, kitchen table, can hold hot water bottles, and more without giving in.

Choosing the right Placemats for your Table

Choosing suitable placemats requires you to put in some thoughts. Are you getting placemats for a special occasion like a wedding party? Are you getting it for your home? Whatever the reason, you should consider some factors to enable you to make the best choice. 

Here are some areas to consider when getting placemats:


  • Consider the shape of the table

Not all placemats are suitable for round tables. Likewise, not all placemats are suitable for rectangle tables. One thing to consider is that the shape of the table and the placement do not have to be the same to avoid monotony. For instance, pebble-shaped and wedge-shaped placemats fit round tables perfectly. However, there is no straightjacket recommendation on the shape of placemats to use on a table. You can decide to use round placemats on the round tables if they fit well. The placemats should not be too big, especially if the table is not big. Minimalist designs often go well with small round tables.

  • Consider the size of the table

The size of the table will determine the size of placemats you will get. For instance, if your table is small, medium-sized or small placemats are advisable. If you are not using placemats, coasters are also suitable, especially when the table is very small. 

Consider the colour

Consider the colour of everything else on the table before picking the colour of placemats. While the colours need to be in harmony, it does not necessarily mean that you will maintain only one colour for everything on the table. Something as simple as a black placemat can be perfect for the table. The placemats should not overshadow everything else on the table. For instance, a light grey colour of placemats is advisable if you have so many colours on the table already. We have different colours of placemats that will match any preference.


  • Consider the table settings

Every other thing you have on your table, including flower plants, will enhance the appearance of the placemats. Your table placemats will look awkward if they are not in harmony with every other table accessory. You can look through our collections and pick what is best for you.

  • The design on the placemats

The design of the placemats is also essential when choosing the right placemat for your table. Not every design is suitable for your kind of table. Some placemats are essentially designed to serve as part of the decorative accessories on the table.

  • Choose the perfect material

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, placemat table mats, and coasters also serve to protect your table from extreme temperatures, scratches, spills, and so on. For them to act the part of protecting your table, you have to choose durable materials. Use table placemats made of natural materials and are easy to clean.

  • Consider the occasion

For formal occasions, placemats with creative tops and luxurious designs are suitable. For informal occasions or a relaxed atmosphere, bamboo placemats are right in place.

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