11 Useful and Most Creative Promotional Items

11 Useful and Most Creative Promotional Items

Who doesn't get delighted receiving occasional freebies? According to studies, nearly half of customers would prefer to receive promotional items more frequently. 

Whilst it is apparent that giving away promotional items benefits customers, it is also undeniable that it is an effective strategy for almost all organisations.

Aside from serving as a tool to show appreciation to customers, businesses worldwide have been using these promotional items to successfully market their brand and help stand out from the competition.

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Marketing to the next level

Let's bring your marketing campaign to the next level! Make a lasting positive impact with these practical and most creative promotional items that will light up your brand.

1. Whistle flashlight keychain

Customers won't realise they need this promotional item until they get stuck in emergencies and have no tool to save them. Add a little brightness to your promotional campaign with this practical, handy item that they can always have with them. 

A keychain with a safety whistle and LED light for convenient use at night or in the dark could be all that could save their day!

2. Mobile desktop phone holder

Are you considering promo items that customers may use frequently? Then a mobile phone holder is the perfect one! 

This phone stand attaches to the back of a laptop or computer monitor, allowing users to keep their phone in sight. With its magnetic construction, it can handle up to 0.6 pounds. Make sure to maximise brand awareness while delighting customers with this very convenient item.

3. ClutchSlide

All-in-one cardholder, phone strap, and phone stand? Yes, you read it right! This ClutchSlide offers multiple uses–putting everything you need at your fingertips.

It features safe storage of essential cards in the card slot; a security strap that prevents accidental drops; and a fold-out stand that allows for hands-free entertainment. Add your name or logo to build a lasting impression on the users. 

4. Stress balls

Mental health is now regarded as equally vital to physical health. Like everyone else, your customers may have also been experiencing a stressful life. So why not give them some squishy fun with custom stress balls? Besides, having a few squeezes on them can help relieve stress and anxiety.

If you want to create a good and lasting impression on your customers, utilise products that will surely be loved by many like these stress relievers.

5. Reusable drink bottles

Refill. Reuse. Recycle. Sustainable promotional products are now a trend in society; that's why a reusable water bottle should be of your top priorities.

Spice things up by offering insulated or stainless steel bottles with built-in diffusers and straws. Say yes to making a more meaningful climate action–introduce this versatile and eco-friendly drinkware to promote your brand in a life-changing way. You can customise it with your organisation's logo right on the bottle.

6. Keyrings

Make your business a part of their daily lives with custom keyrings. Practical items like these are among the best promotional things because they get used every day to lock up the house, unlock the car, and secure cabinets.

Choosing items that are both useful and portable is a hit to customers.

Aside from helping your customers locate their keys more quickly, your brand would generate maximum exposure–which should be your goal in creating promotional merchandise.

7. Earphone keeper

Nothing beats the heartbreak of having a broken earphone or one that only works on the other side. So why not give your customers safe storage for them that they will surely love?

This earphone keeper is ideal for travelling to avoid tangled earbuds or cords.

It also includes a clip to be attached to their clothes, pocket, or bag to organise earphones and cords. You may put your company name or logo to create a more effective promotion.

8. Desktop calendars and planners

Planners remain classic and stylish despite the rise of digital calendars. Help your customers achieve their goals by giving them something to help them plan and organise!

Perfect for those who prefer day-to-day planning, which allows them to view daily tasks easily and plan more effectively. Add your company name or logo for them to recognise you every day. Aside from promoting your brand, it is also a way to connect with your customers personally!

9. USB pens

Pens are another timeless promotional item that will come in handy at conferences, trade exhibitions, and other industry networking events. Most of us use pens every single day, which means more eyes on your logo. 

They might seem overrated, but they're quite powerful when it comes to brand recognition. Make your promotional item seem more significant and appealing by upgrading it to a USB pen, which displays a USB drive when the cap is removed. Put your company name on these to highlight your business.

10. Power bank water bottle

Make sure your customers and their gadgets won't get drained with this power bank water bottle! This stainless steel bottle comes with a wireless charger to ensure that they never run out of power wherever they are.

This unique bottle is ideal for sporting events, travel, and other occasions. Water is a must, and portable chargers are lifesavers–so rest assured that this item will always be in use. Make sure to put your logo so they'll see your brand's name anytime.

11. Phone fan

Portable fans have become a cool yet functional accessory over the past few years. Perfect for hot summer days, who would have thought that your phone would now keep you even more relaxed?

This phone fan takes portability to the next level by being small enough to fit in your pocket. Just plug it into your smartphone to cool you off whenever it gets hot. Don't forget to add your logo to look at it while bringing comfort into their hands.


Whilst it's necessary to be unique, it is also essential to consider how long promotional items last. The more a person uses it, the more exposed to the product and its branding he becomes. Thus, building impressions over the lifetime of the thing.

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