Top 10 Restaurant Menu Holders of 2022

Top 10 Restaurant Menu Holders of 2022

Menus are an integral accessory in a restaurant. But more than being a list of your food items, you need careful management for its design. Why?

Your menu design can improve aspects such as your brand identity and customer experience, among the other crucial ones. If your menu design is well-coordinated, your profits can be boosted by 10 to 15%.

As a guide, this article indicates the top 10 restaurant menu holders of 2022.

Top 10 Choices For Your Restaurant Menu Holder

1. Shuban Acrylic Double-Sided Acrylic Sign Holder

The Shuban menu holder is best for display on the table or counter. It is able to stand securely by itself upright on a desktop, a countertop, tabletop, or just any flat surface in general. No worries about this frame display falling over.

Being double-sided, you can display your items on its front and back. It is great for menus as well as displays, flyers and table signs. The content of this holder can be well-protected and it is clearly visible. For easy maintenance, you can quickly clean and change its contained page. 

2. Healifty Table Number Card Holders

This is ideal for weddings or receptions where table numbers can be attached. It suits any occasion like parties and for use on tabletops at home or in the office. Other possible uses are for menus, name place cards and paper note clips.

Photo clips can be inserted in this frame, which is good looking. Its clip is actually alligator shape and the base is spiral. You can decorate your tabletop with it.

If you have extra office tasks, you can note and attach them on this frame. It is great for use in your business and home.

3. Keeping Transparent Acrylic Display

The content of this holder can be clearly viewed on both sides because of its transparent acrylic case material. Two individual messages can be displayed on it at the same time. For best results, the content should be printed on a card and not on paper.

This menu holder works as a tabletop display stand and a fantastic accessory for restaurants and cafes. Travel agents, interior decorators, shops and bakeries can utilize it, too.

All you have to do is fit in the right-sized print and it’s all set.

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4. NJ Restaurant Leather Menu Holders

You can securely insert your menu sheets in the photo album style corners of this holder. You can also change and update its contents effortlessly.

You can use a moist cloth to wipe clean its synthetic leather material, so it won’t be tricky to upkeep in a hustling restaurant.

This displayer consists of 4 pages where 8.5” x 11” menu lists can be inserted.

Being hard-cover, this accessory is ideal for top-end and fine-dining restaurants and establishments.

5. NJ Leather Book Style Double-Fold Panel Menu Cover Folder

The design of this menu cover is unique and classic. It is always on-trend. With a first-rate feature, it is apt to leave a lasting impression on your customers. It’s terrific for offering your restaurant service with style.

No problem about wear and tear upon extensive use of this menu holder because it has durable sealed edges. Its premium safe leather material is environmentally-friendly.

Cleaning is easy, just wipe with a damp cloth. You’ll have trouble-free maintenance with this restaurant item because it does not break or shatter and is non-toxic.

Your menu presentation will be impressive whether you have a restaurant, hotel, cafe or bar business.

6. NJ Leather Menu Sign Display Stand

The size of this display is superb at an oversize 6.7 x 4.5 inches. Print the right-sized content and insert it onto the holder.

You can easily clean and store this item because it is made of exceptional leather material. This menu holder is shattering and break-proof and non-toxic, too.

The fine pu leather material of this table menu cover is environmental- friendly. It is durable with its locked edges and does not wear and tear despite extensive use.

There are versatile uses of this item including menu cover presentation in hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, kitchens and wedding and other professional parties. It will upgrade the look, style and feel of your establishment.

7. Elegant Creations Acrylic Menu Holder

This is quite sturdy and durable as a menu holder with a 3mm transparent cast acrylic. Your display will be visible on both sides of this stand that has a triangular base. Two printed materials can be inserted facing the front and back of it. Its content is loaded on the side.

8. Rasper Acrylic Display Stand

Papers that are a4 portrait size are suited with this holder and it is made of cast acrylic that is clear in colour.

9. BigMall Acrylic Display Menu Stand

This menu display stand is acrylic material and featured with a transparent acrylic plastic sheet. It’s very attractive being clear like glass. However, its material is sturdier and it doesn’t break. In it, a cut thick piece of acrylic sheet is moulded for fitting in its shape.

This display stand is suited for tabletops and is a great accessory for restaurants and cafes, as well as bakeries, shops, travel agents, real estate agents and interior decorators.

It’s quite fancy to use this stand as a display, even in the office. This brand is well-liked for its durability. 

Both sides of this holder have clear views, which means that on its front and back, you can display two separate contents at a single time.

10. 4-Page Double View Restaurant Menu Covers

Serve your best items up and present them splendidly with these black-coloured leather menus. Inside this double view folder, you’ll find transparent pages.

Within this menu book, you can insert 8.5 x 11-inch menu pages. 

You can sort out and hold your food menus in this holder if you run a restaurant, deli, diner, food shop or drink shop. It is likewise practical for your cafe, boba shop, catering hall or professional venue.

As a high-quality product, it is made of PVC and PU leather trimmed with black and metal edges.


When customers enter your restaurant, the first thing that they look at is your menu. You thus have to ensure that they have a good experience while doing this activity by providing high-quality and attractive menu holders.

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