What Is The Best Type Of Menu For Your Restaurant?

What Is The Best Type Of Menu For Your Restaurant?

What Is The Best Type Of Menu For Your Restaurant?

What is the best design for your restaurant menu? There are plenty of options, but you have to choose that which your customers will find enticing. Another crucial factor is the logical way of presenting your food choices.

Menus vary in one way or another, and no two are alike in terms of content, design and purpose. You thus have to choose the right type of menu for your restaurant so you can serve your guests and food items well. 

What Are The Different Types Of Menus?

The manner of selling your food items determines the type of menu that you will use. It has to be properly organized so that you can create the perfect menu. Below is a list of the common types of menus to guide you so that you can ascertain what is most apt for your business (make sure to check out our personalised restaurant menu covers).

Static menu

Food items have separate categories such as appetizers, sandwiches, pasta, etc. Fast food and fast casual restos tend to use this type of menu where, all year round, the dishes are served.

A La Carte 

As a French term, it means “according to the menu”. Seasonal fares are usually featured by this type. Compared to a static menu, this provides more flexibility to customers when ordering their food.

Du Jour

Food items are presented on a daily basis, meaning it changes from day to day. It features a daily special, such as the plat du jour which is a dish of the day.

Cycle menu

This type of menu shows different items for the day served for a set time period. These menus are then repeated. An example is presenting different menus every day for a duration of two weeks, and then cycled again from the beginning.

Table d’Hote

In French, this means “the host’s table” wherein all main courses are set for a price, and the customer gets to choose their appetizer or dessert. If these additional items are pricier, surcharges may be applied.

Prix Fixe

The menu for this meal includes an appetizer along with an entree and dessert, and they are set for a specific price. In a prix fixe menu, the chef chooses the three courses, unlike the table d’hote menu wherein customers do so.

Tasting menu

Small courses are indicated on this menu, and they serve as the entire meal of the customer. These selection of food items can be tweaked to cater to a patron’s dietary needs, or else created again if the same guest dines anew in your restaurant. These allow them to have a completely new dining and tasting experience.


The drinks served by a restaurant are featured in this menu, and often they are wine, beer, cocktails and other alcoholic drinks that are sold a la carte. Coffee shops tend to have this type of menu displayed on their wall, just like how juice bars present their list of choices.


The desserts served by the restaurant are listed in it, and in the same way that a beverage menu is featured separately and ordered a la carte.

Wine Captain’s book

This beverage menu is more extensive, indicating the history and features of every wine served. As a type of menu, it allows customers to better understand how their drinks are going to be paired with their meals.

Children’s menu

Designed with bright colors and enjoyable activities, this menu has limited choices. Being disposable, it makes clean ups easier.

What Are Ways Of Displaying Your Menu?

When choosing the best menu and ascertaining how to make its appearance more appealing, primarily take into account your restaurant setting and its dining style. If you are looking for the best menu cover ideas, you can check out World Wide menus.

There are 6 ways of presenting your restaurant menu, and they are the following:

Menu holder

This resto accessory is typically made of cork, metal or wood. It is quite practical because it makes it easier for your staff to swap the menu. It can be used as a bill presenter, and is ideal for cafes and bistros.

Displayette or Table Top Tent menus

Its material is often acrylic, metal or wood. Different viewing angles make this tool a major space saver, and is apt to be handy for advertising your specials or events. A casual dining restaurant can make good use of this menu cover.

Menu sign or board

Dry erase boards, and even chalk boards are utilized. It makes cleaning and changing your menu content easier. Magnetic menu boards are part of this category where ads and pictures can be conveniently displayed. These tools work well with fast food, cafes and food trucks.

Menu covers

Usually, these are made of vinyl, enabling you to better protect and clean your menus. Lengthier menus may find this cover ideal, especially for diners and casual dining restos.

Disposable menu

Bistros and food trucks can make good use of this menu which normally has a paper material. This is more convenient to use and allows for easy clean-up.

Deluxe menu covers

Hard board or leather is the typical material of this accessory, and it comes with LED features so you can light the menu in a darker setting. With its professional and upscale appearance, it is ideal for casual dining or fine dining restos.

Check out World Wine menus for the best restaurant cover and display ideas to please your guests and boost your service for a more successful business.

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