What Can You Put in Ring Binders?

What Can You Put in Ring Binders?

You have probably spotted professionals, students, and teachers with ring binders. These ring binders afford them a unique look, making them stand out from the crowd. You might be wondering what those ring binders contain. And whether if you had one, what particularly would you fit in one.

World Wide Menus offers you an answer to your questions. We are a premier service provider, known for our quality and bespoke products available in paper over board, polypropylene, and so much more.

Training materials

Are you going to conduct a training of personnel over the weekend? You are going to need a ring binder. Choose a ring binder that affords the option to customize the binder spines as you see fit. This way you can organize your information on the fly or during the last minutes of your preparation.

It is during such training sessions that your expertise and experience are going to be put to task. Therefore, you will need to be on top of your game. With all your information well arranged, you can be relied upon to deliver a quality session.

Project information

If you are about to undertake a short and goal-oriented project, a ring binder can come in good use. Projects often require the synchrony of two or more teams, adherence to timelines set, and implementation of tasks as per the financial resources allocated.

Ring binders also give a professional look. The products come in a variety of sizes and materials. You can choose a faux leather covered binder or wood effect that completes your attire and appeals to your clients.

The execution of the project serves as a good time as any to market the services and products that you offer. Consider a customizable ring binder from World Wide Menus. Our in-house design team has decades of experience, providing tailor-made products to our clients in the educational sector, corporations, and different professions.

Invoices, notices, and receipts

Whether you are running a business, renting a space, or managing an institution, you will be receiving invoices and notices from several suppliers and service providers in the area. Keeping an accurate and detailed record of these documents will come in handy.

With a ring binder from World Wide Menus, you have no excuse when it comes to storing your important documents. Get in touch with us or visit our online store. We have a wide range of products for you to peruse.

In addition, our in-house design team is willing to customize our products to meet your tastes and preferences.


You will be surprised by the amount of paper clutter that is caused by coupons. You find them in every part of the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom to the laundry area. There are others who collect them and stash them in a drawer or vase to be used when the time is right. A better solution for better storage and retrieval is the use of a ring binder.

Conduct a thorough search of every room and collect them together. Then request a ring binder from World Wide Menus. You can choose a small binder that can easily fit in your purse when you go shopping.

Homework and school-related material

Is your child having problems staying organized or keeping their school material in good condition? Buying a ring binder from World Wide Menu could be the solution that both of you need. A ring binder teaches them the importance of being organized and also reduces stress for you in the long term.

Ensure to choose a high-quality binder that is strong enough to hold weeks’ of assignments and school work. In addition, from our experience, ring binders for your young ones should be sturdy and durable to handle the rough nature of kids at such an age.  


The ideal way to protect your great, great, great, grandma’s chicken pie and salad recipe is with a quality ring binder. You can choose a smaller binder (an A5 binder comes highly recommended) for you to add in your small notations and ideas for the generations to come.

With the kitchen being a very busy setup, choose a ring binder with a waterproof properties just in case water or other solutions wreak havoc.

Your tablet and Ipad

In this day and age of technological advancements, most professionals, service companies, and institutions are going paperless. To remain in the game, you have probably purchased a tablet or Ipad for meetings, presentations, and whatnot. The good news is that you can purchase a ring binder that complements the use and carry of your 13’ or 15’ inch tablet.

We recommend that you purchase a ring binder that comes with additional pockets. Since you are using a ring binder to carry your tablet, you are probably using it for work-related purposes. Additional pockets give you the opportunity to carry business cards, pamphlets, and also your smartpen.

Where does one get such a ring binder? From the reputable and dependable experts in the industry, World Wide Menus.


Are you wondering where to get a binder for your paper documents? While you might be tempted to go to the local store and choose the first that your eye lands on, we would advise against that. You need a high-quality and durable product that is guaranteed to last your years. In addition, you need to ensure that your documents are stored well.

Rely on the products from World Wide Menus, the leading service provider in the UK. We offer a wide range of ring binders, available in different hues and materials, from saddle hide leather to synthetic material. You can also have a ring binder with a luxury PU material or wood effect. All your needs and preferences will be catered for by the #1 ring binder supplier in the region.

Get in touch with us. World Wide Menus has hundreds of options in material choices, finishing, and branding for you to choose from.

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