Used Binders: How to Recycle Them In 21/22

Wondering how to upcycle your old ring binder? We have the answer for you!

Everyone has their own method of staying organised, and the good old 3-ring binder (see our pretty ring bindersA4 Binders and A5 Binders) continues to be popular among people of all ages. Binders, which are included as a school supply need on many grade school lists, may help assist collegiate and post-graduate studies as well as keep bills and tax information organised. What happens, though, as they reach the end of their lives? How can old binders be recycled?

How to Recycle Binders?

Binders, on the other hand, raise the issue of plastic waste, as these goods are difficult to recycle through your curbside pickup. Binders are made up of vinyl and metal rings, as well as component components that must be separated, and many are thrown away at the end of each school year. Is it necessary for binders to generate so much waste? No, that is not the case. Is it possible to recycle vinyl binders? Yes, it is true!

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Binders have traditionally been constructed of the same material: vinyl, which is both inexpensive to produce and difficult to recycle. Naked Binder, a firm based in the United States, set out to produce a recyclable binder manufactured entirely of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified post-consumer waste board, with no trees or fresh wood being chopped down in the process.

How to Recycle Used Binders (They Can Also Be Upcycled!)

To recycle a binder at the curb, whether it's a Naked Binder or a normal vinyl binder, you'll need a flat head (standard) screwdriver to pop out the ring, which goes into the metal recycling bin in any instance.

If your binder is made of vinyl, the next step is to cut it apart with a knife about a half-inch from the edge of each panel and on the spine to remove the chipboard panels within. In addition to the metal rings, this procedure separates the components for recycling, resulting in paper chipboard and vinyl.

The difficulty with vinyl, however, is that many communities lack the infrastructure to accept it. To be sure, contact your local government or look for a pre-and post-consumer vinyl products recycling centre near you.

How to Recycle Binders Easily 

Linear waste management options, such as landfilling and incineration, regard trash as a worthless byproduct. Reuse, recycling, and upcycling are examples of circular processes that give trash a new lease of life.

Here are several upcycling ways that give your old and used binders a new lease on life:

  • To make a picture album or a memento book, cover with fabric.
  • Make a handbag that is both distinctive and entertaining.
  • To make an immediate hook bar, remove the ringed portion.
  • Organise all of your sewing materials, DVDs, and holiday clings.
  • Create a unique calendar.

Waste is a product of human ingenuity. Everything, including the simple three-ring binder, is technically recyclable or may be addressed in a more regenerative manner than dumping it in the garbage.

You can help divert landfill garbage and make the world a greener place with little knowledge, attention, and innovation.

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