The Most Popular Takeout Foods In 2022: Takeout Menu Inspirations

The Most Popular Takeout Foods In 2022: Takeout Menu Inspirations

It's a tough time for countries all across the globe during the onslaught of the pandemic. To cope, people tend to indulge and give themselves momentary pleasure. In terms of their eating habits, that is. That's why food delivery service has been a predominant business compared to the others. In this aspect, the number of food takeaways has escalated.

What Is The Most Ordered Takeout Food?

Since the world is going through a rough time, eating trends have been altered on a worldwide scale as well. In this aspect, this article aims to elucidate the most favourite takeout choices and food item takeaways.

There are actually limited choices when it comes to the most popular takeout. Nevertheless, the following are the preferred options for ordering takeout.

It was found that in 55 countries out of 81, "pizza" had the most searches on Google. In Eastern Europe, this trend pervades, with Belarus performing the most searches, particularly for search terms "pizza delivery."

In Russia, on the other hand, vegan happens to be the most searched food. In this country, this term occupied the top two searches compared to the rest all across the globe. According to research, this mainly has to do with the fact that a vegetarian diet is the accepted practise among Russian Orthodox church followers, which comprise 71% of the Russian population.

The next country with the most searches for "pizza" is China. The said food actually tops the chart in 11 countries, including Canada and the USA, along with the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. The top 8 of these countries are English-speaking, which is somewhat surprising.

Worldwide Food Trends: Other Favourite Takeout Cuisine

What about the third most popular takeout food? Sushi is not to miss! Because it equates to Japan, it has reached this status.

Then there is fast food wherein the most obvious is McDonald's. It is very well anticipated that McDonald's will dominate online searches among food delivery and fast-food restaurants. With burgers, fried chicken, and French fries, among other choice items on its menu, this fast-food chain is the biggest pertaining to revenue and has over 37,855 outlets located in 100 countries. Of all the fast-food chains and favourite restaurants, it was most searched in 40 out of 81 countries. The greatest attention came from Europe, wherein 26 out of 30 nations looked for a Big Mac.

Takeout foods from KFC are the next preferences wherein 23 countries around the world conducted searches for it, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa. However, Malaysia craved most of the Colonel's choice of a blend of herbs and spices.

Among the many restaurants in the country, KFC serves the most number of customers every month in Malaysia, reaching over 2.5 million. It is quite huge- only 6.5 million short of its total population. Local food such as rice items and Tarik are a speciality here and are craving for comfort food delivery choices, specifically in Southeast Asia.

Pizza, chicken, fries, chips, and other well-known fast food dishes, there's Pizza Hut to go for, and in the USA, it garners about 1.83 million searches per month.

Market Changes For Takeout Foods

For the most part, restaurants had to close their doors because of the pandemic, but the food business, in general, is profitable regardless of it. Consumers all over the world have become predilected to ordering foods. There has been a significant three-figure increase in 6 out of 10 countries pertaining to searches with takeout foods.

It is primarily in Mexico wherein the biggest change took place. A staggering 1,223 per cent increase was experienced on its monthly searches were from March there were 31, 480 and it catapulted to 416, 400 in May. This is primarily attributed to the closure of cafeterias in the country, where most of these places had to prohibit dine-ins.

The United Kingdom may be the third-ranking in terms of search volume, but among the top 10 nations, it experienced a 20% decrease in popular takeout food trends.

How Customers Order Their Food

The USA oversees the most number of searches for takeaway foods; that's why it is no shock that the most popular apps for these are those of American companies.

For one thing, there is Caviar, a food service that operates in 11 states, including New York, California, and Texas. This company saw the largest volume of search traffic around the world. Another food delivery service, Uber Eats, also experienced a 22.2 per cent increase in searches. Among the top 5 ordering takeout apps, Uber Eats is more well-known outside the USA.


There have been huge changes in food trends and local restaurant businesses because of the current worldwide situation. Its impact will mostly be seen in online aspects, mainly due to the higher demand for takeout foods.

Considering these trends, you can select takeout menu inspirations from the above content that you can incorporate into your takeaway menu design. You can likewise look for menu boards online to complete your restaurant accessories and equipment if you're starting a restaurant business.

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