Restaurant Digital Menu Boards Guide

Why Digital Menu Boards Are A Practical Equipment For Your Restaurant

Digital menu boards have increasingly become popular. As a business marketing tool, it features the menu items, services and products of an establishment on an electronic screen. Photos, texts, graphs and even rotating images may be displayed on the board. Being easy to use and being dynamic, restaurants and other businesses have found particularly good use of digital menu boards to boost their marketing scheme and revenues.

In the past few years, more and more establishments utilize digital menu boards. You might be wondering if these signs are helpful for your business as well. If you are considering installing a digital menu board in your restaurant, there are several factors to mull over. Primarily, you need to weigh the benefits of using it against the expenses for installation and the screens along with the design software. You could also take into account cost-efficiency measures such as opting to hire a company that offers budget-friendly digital menu board templates.

Is setting up a digital menu board the right choice for your restaurant or business? The following questions can serve as guidelines for your decision.

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Do You Implement A Casual Walk-Up Service?

If your restaurant has an open layout,  a counter or a register that customers walk up to, then a digital menu would be ideal for it. Typically these types of restaurants are cafeterias, fast-casual sorts, small stores or buffets. Thus, in whichever location in your store the customer would be, they are able to view your menu easily. The appropriate spot for the digital board is one that’s convenient for you and somewhere that your customers can view directly.

If, for example, you are running a cafeteria, the most apt location for your digital menu would be near the entrance. There, you can have your a la carte items pricing or the listings of your daily or weekly specials displayed. You can place the digital board farther away and it will still be legible especially because it features enlarged texts.

If your establishment is designed with a counter where customers walk up to choose their orders and pay for their food, you can place the menu in a spot where it is easy to read for them before they make their payment. Your patrons should be able to view it in advance with ample time. They shouldn’t feel rushed during this process. A quick-service restaurant where the food items are displayed on the menu fixed on the wall at the back of the cashier is a good example of this. Note that the digital menu board should be two feet above eye level, or perhaps on a wall or stand before the counter. This way, whatever questions the customers have about the menu can be catered to and at the same time prevent the line from being held up.

Is The Menu In Your Restaurant Frequently Updated?

You can quickly update the content of your digital menu board in case you need to do so frequently. This is a more viable option than printing new menus. You can likewise save on editing costs mainly if you want to display the availability of products in your establishment that usually sell out. You wouldn’t need to alter your menu for anything in a significant or inconvenient manner if some items are sold out. 

Your staff doesn’t need to constantly communicate to customers whatever changes in the menu there are because the digital board is always the most up-to-date version. This will prevent any frustration on the part of your patrons in terms of making their orders. 

On the upfront, the cost of installing a digital menu board will be hefty as you pay for the screens, the software, the installation service and the time, but it will be economical in the long run especially if you account for the regular reprinting expenses if you do otherwise. It will depend on the products and services that you choose, and although you would initially spend thousands for a digital menu board, it can substantially help you save on costs for the long term.

Are Specials and Promos Regularly Offered?

Your grocery store, for instance, can greatly benefit from a digital board if you want to highlight items that are on sale. Items sold at attractive prices will become more noticeable with the use of a digital board with a bright or rotating imagery design. This will call your customers’ attention to become aware of these products offered as specials or on promo.

Digital menu boards are obviously more practical and engaging than print materials, and they are highly likely to entice people to buy as they can vividly notice the products for sale. It will even make upselling easier.


Upfront costs for installing a digital menu would be substantial, but this business and marketing tool makes sense for providing convenient service, attracting more customers and increasing your revenues. Consistent business success needs you to opt for solutions that will render high-quality customer service and profitability for the long term.

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