9 Ideas and Tips for Restaurant Table Decoration

9 Ideas and Tips for Restaurant Table Decoration

In contemporary times, the restaurant's ambience is the factor that the customers inspect and how warm the staff treat them, and of course, the highlight of each restaurant, the banquet table.

Since the customers came into the restaurant to satiate their craving for delinquent meals, it is justifiable that they also wish for an elegant table setup that could give them the wow factor and urge to share what they have experienced in the fellows.

With this, let us help you as we give nine ideas that you could help input in decorating your banquet table by taking it to the next level so that your restaurant could impress every customer that wishes to feast in your bistro.

Taking the Banquet Table Into the Next Level

The restaurant table could be one of the main alluring attractions in a bistro. Because of this, decorating them can definitely up your game towards the other competitors in the restaurant industry.

With an ideal table setup, the customers could feel a much different ambience that can make them remember the special moment they shared with you and your restaurant.

Useful Ideas to Set up an Elegant Banquet Table

That being said, here are the useful ideas that you could utilise in setting up an elegant banquet table:

1. Harmonising the Aesthetics

In a table setting, one of the most important principles in harmony. It is essential to ensure that every element you put to use is balanced with each other so the setup will be aesthetically pleasing.

There are many ways to harmonise the aesthetics of your banquet table. To learn more in ensuring that each piece in your table blends well with each other, here are the tips that you could use:

i. Every detail is important

In a table setting, every detail you decide to put must go together with other pieces because if not, the tendency is that the table will look displeasing and messy for the customers.

ii. Emphasising your restaurant's motif

Of course, you must highlight your bistro's theme, and it should reflect on the banquet tables. To do so, you should identify your exact preference, style, and distinction so that you won't have to guess about what you want.

iii. The essence of Materials

In this matter, you should know what materials you prefer to use, such as wood, plastic, metal, marble, or glass. In this way, you have an idea to build up the standard setup you will give to your banquet table.

2. Innovative Techniques

In the table setting industry, being innovative can take you to a certain level that can help you boost your positioning against the competitors and make you outstand the other bistros in the area.

One of the innovations you can use are the following:

i. Kangaroo Napkin

This type of napkin fold creates a pouch that holds your cutleries.

ii. Lotus Fold

This fold makes your table napkin resemble a lotus.

These are just some of the beautiful masterpieces of a napkin. Remember that even though they may look as simple as that, they still bring a clean, tidy, and elegant finish to your banquet table

3. Ace up the Details

Since being detail-oriented is essential in table setting, using unexpected yet fitting details in your banquet table can make your table setting shine the most.

For example, intricately-made non-woven fabrics can make a perfect table napkin because of their outstanding quality against ordinary ones. Additionally, they are much more cost-effective than cloth table napkins.

Furthermore, you can also utilise Airlaid, which is also affordable yet stylish, affordable, and often used by many restaurants and Newtex that is a useful option to protect the table from unanticipated circumstances.

4. The Essence of Good Placematting

An ideal placemat's job in setting the table does not only provide an aesthetically pleasing finished setup but could also protect your tablecloth from accumulating stains from the food.

With this, placemats are also a good gateway to acing your style so you can impress your customers without worrying about stained table cloths. It's like hitting two birds in one stone.

5. Decorating with the Cutlery's Help

Utilising the cutleries will not only wow the customers, but it may also make the chances of them to commend you for setting the table wisely and efficiently.

Also, in the art of setting the table, the cutleries serve as an important detail and utilising them can make your table setting outstand the others.

6. Patterned and Vibrant Table Theme

If you wish to give your restaurant a quirky, fun, and unique personality, mix-matching different linens such as those vibrant tablecloths and add vibrant-coloured Chinawares.

This table theme can be holistically viewed as a tablescape because you are giving life to the table as if you are making the table reflect the owner's personality.

7. Setting the Table Monochromatically

Minimalistic table setting approaches are gaining popularity in today's modern table setting and along with that is the monochrome colour palette.

Since the times are evolving, the table setting cannot escape from being modernised. Setting your restaurant tables monochromatically can draw the attention of customers who love to keep it as minimalist as possible.

8. Mediterranean Table Setting

One of the best things about table setting is that you get to explore what you want to project in each restaurant table and how to express the personality of your business to your customers.

One of the popular table settings is the Mediterranean since this setup is very easy to carry out because of the unpopular techniques that many businesses use. 

In styling your restaurant tables in a Mediterranean way, you could use a technique of mixing and matching vintage styles Chinawares. Here, you are welcome to try various styles as long as you stick to the Mediterranean style.

9. Table Setting with Natural Elements

Those who love the hint and hues of nature would also love to decorate their table settings with the green and Earth tones with the hint of Natural elements.

You can tie a napkin with twine using a clear bowl filled with green fruits, white flowers, and water as a centrepiece in this setting. Basically, you can do a lot with this table setting theme.


One may not see it, but setting the table can play a big role in drawing the customer's attention to your bistro without realising it.

That's why investing in an appropriate table setting and considering what you want. The preferences you value are the key ingredients in setting your banquet table in the perfect way possible that also suits you and the personality of your business.

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