How to increase restaurant reviews

How to increase restaurant reviews

How To Increase Your Good Reviews For Your Hotel Or Restaurant On Google

How do you make the services and the customer experience of your hotel or restaurant “remarkable”? After all, it’s a word that means that something is worth “making a remark about”, and you would want what your customers to say to be positive and worthwhile.

This is where you need to apply hard work and efficiency in delivering your service. You will want your establishment to be noted for the exemplary regard that you give to your customers because you want it to grow bigger. 

One of the ways of expanding and growing your business is by word-of-mouth, and nowadays, people do that on the Internet. You can gain more customers by getting more good reviews for your hotel or restaurant in Google.

Give Valid Reasons To Get Positive Comments

Peer reviews have become one of the most reliable ways to help travellers decide where they would spend their money. Online mentions happen to be valuable in showcasing your establishment. As long as you do your “behind-the-scenes” work superbly, then you can be rewarded with positive guest comments and reviews.

One most important thing to invest in on your business is laying the foundations for positive reviews. Doing so needs you to deliver excellent customer service. When you have accomplished thus, feedback from your clientele will become natural and encouraging.

Several online channels are impacted by positive reviews, that in turn, affect your profits. They are:

  • Your ranking in search engines
  • The ranking of the review site
  • Third-party distribution websites ranking
  • The overall score for online reputation
  • The overall rates for sales and conversion

Ways To Get Good Reviews For Your Business

The key is to be able to get your clients to convert their pleasant experience in your establishment into positive reviews for it. Basically, you have to encourage your customers to give positive reviews without being too pushy. How do you do this? Having a personalised menu sign is a great way to make your customers happy!

The following are 5 easy tips to get positive reviews for your hotel or restaurant:

  • By utilizing social media websites, or sites of online travel agencies. Have a lively correspondence with your guests on your social media platform. What good remarks do they have for your establishment? You can ask them to reiterate their positive reviews on some particular comment or review websites.
  • By sending links in thank you emails. Typically, acclaimed hotels send emails to their guests to thank them for their patronage. You can include a link to a certain review site in this message. If your guest is a business traveller, you can email them the invoice and insert a link to review your establishment in it.
  • Through the guest books of your business. Have some of your guests left a very positive review in your comment cards or guest book? Don’t let them stay on there. Contact those guests by phone or email, and ask them if they can share their positive comments online for others to access.
  • Place review or comment cards on the front desk. The front desk is a prominent location where you can leave comment or review cards or signs where guests can add reviews online. This reminds them that you care about what they have to say.
  • During check out or when guests are about to leave. You can ask guests to leave a review upon their check out when their positive experience in your establishment is still fresh. You can have your staff ask the customers if they had a pleasant stay in your hotel or restaurant, and if they did, they can be requested to leave a review on sites that they prefer. This is a non-invasive option especially if it is inappropriate to ask your guests directly.

Good Reviewers Can Become Brand Ambassadors

Consider that a good reviewer can become brand ambassadors, particularly if they are happy customers. Along with the right procedures, you can be sincere in asking your guests to leave positive comments for your establishment. They will not have qualms in raving about your splendid service if they are indeed satisfied and had an astounding experience.

Be wary of asking customers to leave reviews while they are yet staying in the hotel. Many websites have policies that oppose this, and there are those who would even mark the comments as fake when posted on the same place.

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