Creative Ways To Use Chalkboard In Your Restaurant

Creative Ways To Use Chalkboard In Your Restaurant

Chalkboards aren't only limited to classrooms now. You can see them in restaurants and at home.  These boards are in trend for menus, signs, sidewalks, and promotions. They offer you a clean black canvas where you can write your discounted items, menu, a dish of the day, and special offers for food lovers.

In simple words, the chalkboard art is amazing for bars, restaurants, and hotels. You can set the mood of visitors while driving sales with a unique style. The most impressive part of using chalkboards in restaurants is that it is not as expensive as a printed menu.

Here are some creative ways to use the chalkboard in your restaurant:

Chalkboard Menu

Customers often enter your restaurant without any idea what they want to eat. However, when they notice beautiful chalkboard art mentioning the house's speciality, it helps to make an order easily. For instance, if your restaurant serves authentic Chinese cuisine, use a chalkboard to show tasty looking dishes. 

There are various styles to create a chalkboard menu. For example, you can go for unframed wall chalkboards, hanging chalkboards, or kickstand chalkboards to write your tasty menu for customers. This will amaze people about your style of offering food to them.

These types of menus are best for bars, cafés, restaurants, and hotels. The best part is that you can use colourful chalks to write different meals or to highlight special items from your restaurants. Further, the chalkboard menus are budget-friendly and easy to update with new things.

Trendy Chalkboard Sign for Your Restaurant

You can guide customers to the sitting area, restroom area, and billing space through chalkboard signs. Indoor chalkboard signs will guide the people in your restaurant in an efficient and unique way. Also, unlike traditional signs, the chalkboard signs can be erased at any time and can be changed as well. In addition to this, chalkboard signs are also a great way to highlight the seasonal or festive food items in your restaurant.

The best part is that you can also use the chalkboard as an outdoor sign to attract more customers. The outdoor signs across the sidewalk will attract the attention of people when they pass your restaurant. Keep the signs simple, clear, and attractive similar to the flex 2 chalk pavement sign. You can use humour as one of the sales tactics to increase your sales.

Use Chalkboard as a Dividing Wall in Restaurant

You can use the chalkboard to divide the smoking area from the main dining area of your restaurant. Cover the divider with a chalkboard so that you can use it for various purposes. For example, you can write the prices of food items on it or can make a drawing of the couple enjoying delicious food. In this way, the chalkboard can serve many purposes while giving the look of wallpaper to visitors. You can also use it to showcase your special dishes like desserts and drinks.

A handwritten chalkboard is a cool way to show temporary deals. Moreover, they are easy to clean. You can offer time-based, percentage-based, loyalty, or new customers discounts.

Chalk Up a Calendar

A calendar in the restaurant is a must to update customers about your deal of the day. Also, it helps them to understand what are your working days and on which day the restaurant will remain closed. When you are planning to add a calendar to your restaurant, then what is better than having a chalkboard for this.

Once the month is finished, it can simply be rubbed off, and a new one chalked up. It is a great way to show delicious momos or noodles on your restaurant's sidewalk to attract passersby. Tell everyone what unique your restaurant offers from the town. If your restaurant only uses locally sourced ingredients, let people know.

DIY Chalkboard Plates on Wall

Turn the spare plates into chalkboards and hang them on the wall of your restaurant to decorate it in a unique way. For this, you will need chalkboard paint and do it on all the spare plates of different sizes. When the paint becomes dry, use the plates as decorative pieces for your restaurant.

In case you do not have spare plates, then you can shop for a variety of chalkboards and can hang them in a group. This will create a beautiful gallery wall with various sizes of chalkboard signs.

Let Customers Make Their Chalkboard Art

Another creative way to use chalkboards in the restaurant is to let guests make their chalkboard art. Encourage people to create stunning art on a chalkboard by turning it into an exciting art contest. These challenges are an extremely popular way to do your restaurant marketing. It will also help increase the chances of your restaurant pictures going viral to potential customers.

It will encourage customer engagement in the restaurant and increase their engagement on social media. Further, it will benefit your restaurant business. So, provide chalkboards and markers to customers and ask them to unleash their creative skills while waiting for their order. After that, display those artworks on tables as décor items.

So, create an amazing interior using a trendy chalkboard in your restaurant!

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