Buying Guide - How to choose the Best Blotter for Desk

Buying Guide - How to choose the Best Blotter for Desk

A desk may feel empty without a simple aesthetic like a desk pad. Some desk pads are made of plastic or synthetic material, but they come with pros and cons. Desk pads add a massive touch and provide an eye-pleasing appearance for a table as long as the desk pads you choose fit the style of your room or office. 

For starters, a desk pad would take away all your concerns, especially your desk looking empty. However, most desks for work require flat surfaces, and adding a pad for it will be a bit of a con. Thanks to manufacturers, leather desk pads are available for everyone to choose from and use. 

If you want to level up your workspace to the next level, check out desk pads that would fit perfectly into your style and taste. Desk pads made from leather not only give a classic style to your desk but also protects it from damage; talk about two in one. 

Having a desk blotter is an excellent way to improve your working quality by decreasing the clutter you have on your working desk. It is also good to use it to organise your equipment on the table, especially if you're very busy. 

Keep reading below to learn more about desk pads and the types of desk pads.

Best Leather Desk Pads Guide

Before picking a desk pad, you should consider the quality of the material it's made of, whether plastic, cardboard, rubber, or leather. But none of the other materials is as premium as leather, even if the leather in question is made artificially or other materials from it. Most desk pads are used as a mouse mat, so plastic or cardboard wouldn't go well with those kinds of pads.

Although there are other kinds of desk pads, leather ones are the most recommended. There are various types of leather desk pads that you could choose from. These leathers are made from either genuine, synthetic, real, or faux leather. However, whatever their material is, there is no difference in the purpose it serves.

1. Vintage Leather Desk Pads

For great quality choices, a variety of options, such as vintage leather desk pads, are the ones that will boast the classic feel of aesthetics while working. Its colour scheme is perfect for an aged look, especially for people who romanticise antiques. On top of that, vintage leather is very affordable for its quality and genuine texture feel of leather.

2. Large Desk Pads

These desk pads take over your desk's surface, making them a great protector for the desk itself. Large desk pads allow maximum usage and plenty of space; most of them typically have built-in pockets or calendars.

3. Business Desk Pads

The feel of a business desk never seems so bad, especially with its colour scheme. Some executive desk pads provide a built-in organiser for your things to go into. The desk pad was named after its purpose, it is designed for people in offices with too much clutter on their tabletop. This kind of desk pad will help you provide more space for other stuff on your table while working peacefully.

Why Use a Desk Pad?

They might make your desk seem crowded and unnecessary, but they have other purposes. Desk pads serve eminent substitutes for a mouse pad and other purposes you will need for your desk. You could get a customised desk pad with pockets or calendars for minimal space occupied on your table. 

Cleaning a leather desk pad is very easy because you only need a damp cloth to wipe it. It also doesn't easily absorb liquids like water, so using a wet cloth to wipe them off is recommended. The damp cloth also provides consistent cleanliness when you plan to clean it every use.

Additionally, providing a safe space for your desktop helps make your workflow better. It also serves functions such as protecting your desk from scratches and a smooth surface for writing. Most professionals use desk pads when they have a lot of paperwork to do.

What to Look For

Desk pads come in various types of materials, such as felt, cardboard, plastic, and leather material as one of the most commonly used. Desk pads or mouse pads also come in various sizes, or even custom ones to fit into your custom office desks. The materials mainly matter because you will always feel them while using your entire desk, and you don't want a material that your skin is allergic to. 

1. High-Quality Aesthetic

The design and appearance of your desk pad should match the theme and style of your office spaces; otherwise, contradicting appearances might be an eyesore for you or people who see it.

2. Comfort and Protection

The consistency of the desk pad should be comfortable for your wrists to rest on while using your desk pad, consider picking the Goldilocks of a desk pad because too hard might darken your skin, and too soft might penetrate the paper you're writing on. It's always best to pick what will keep your desktop from scratches.

3. Size and Sticking

The size of your desk pad should be no larger than the actual size of your desk; too large might overlap on your desk, and too small may not be able to fit all of the things you need inside of it. A perfect-sized desk top offers you an uncluttered desk. Place it properly on your desk and make sure it won't move around while you're using it.

4. Quality of Material

The material quality should be long-lasting because you would constantly be using your desk pads. Materials that lack durable construction would cost you more than usual instead of high-quality ones that won't chip off or crack right away. 

5. Value for Price

Consider finding a great deal for a desk pad with its properties, materials, size, and quality. Some leather material types come at an affordable price but are long-lasting, unlike other materials that get damaged easily within a short span of usage where the quality is less than the actual cost. 

A durable anti-slip base will always come in handy for protecting your desk surface. Additionally, advanced cloth textile will always be the selling point of these quality products.

Final Thoughts

While using a desk pad may not always be necessary, it is a great aesthetic to upgrade your working quality and might even motivate you because of the classic feel it gives. Desk pads protect your desk from scratches, and they provide a better writing surface or a typical use for either a laser mouse or optical mice if you intend to use them in an office.

These desk pads are designed to be written on, so don't worry about scratching them because you used them as a writing pad. Other sizes of desk pads also offer you built-in pockets and other utilities like calendars, pen holders, and other desk items for a smoother experience for a worker. Purchasing decisions are in your hands with the help of this article. Look into customer reviews for the best desk mats, and you might get the best customer satisfaction from your desk mats of choice.

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