Restaurant Barriers Buying Guide for your New Space

Restaurant Barriers Buying Guide for your New Space

The Café Barrier Systems plays a vital role in a business, particularly in every restaurant. It's essential because it can attract potential customers and organise indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Also, it's very convenient to use, mainly because of the pandemic we are experiencing. It is very beneficial in complying with social distancing requirements by Public Health Authorities.

Outdoor dining would be very organised and secure for your customers in a public space. Also, it separates businesses from other businesses within your area. 

If you're planning to invest in cafe barriers, you need to know more about this. You must be familiar with every detail it has. It's worth spending if you canvas café barriers before buying it. It's more practical to choose the most suitable barriers for your restaurant.

Where are Barriers Applicable?


The Café Barrier System is beneficial in different establishments. Its usage is not limited to restaurants only. You can place cafe barriers in other spaces such as cafes, drinking areas, hotels, and dining businesses. 

Cafe Barriers are helpful in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Aside from that, it always depends on the business owners if they will use barriers or not. 

You can use it in franchise businesses, food service establishments, and areas with food for sale. Also, it applies to location restrictions inside or outside the establishments. 

You can put cafe barriers anywhere as long as the area is still part of your property line. Always know your limitations. Avoid blocking the driveway and the way of your guests or customers. 

Choose the best spot where you can catch customers or guests. It is because this can be a way to advertise your business through your logos printed on the cafe barrier.  

What to Look for in Restaurant Barriers

Never be an impulsive buyer. Always ensure the quality and appropriateness of the cafe barriers you will buy. There are many things to consider when purchasing a physical barrier. Here is the list of what to look for in choosing the said item.

1. Wind Permeability of Barriers

Wind permeability is one of the essential factors in buying a protective barrier. It must be able to resist strong winds. Strong winds are one of the cafe barrier's enemies.

Cafe barriers have different sizes and weights. You can choose the best café barriers based on where you will place them. If you plan to put it inside your restaurant, a barrier with a lighter weight is the best choice. But if you plan to place it in outdoor spaces for outdoor eating, you must choose the heavier one. 

Choosing the right weight is connected with the area where you placed the barrier. Make sure to select the appropriate one. 

2. Value for Money

Like buying any single item, you must consider the price of café barriers in your decision-making. Cafe Barriers have a wide range of prices. Its cost depends on what type of cafe barrier it is and what material it has. 

PVC and Canvas Café Barriers are the types of cafe barriers that you may use in your business. If you are looking for a cheaper option, you better choose a PVC type of barrier. Also, it's the lighter-weight type of barrier. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a heavier and commendable type of café barrier, you must choose canvas café barriers. It's pricey and yet has good quality. 

3. Durability

To make your buying decision more efficient, ensure that the product you will buy is durable. It matters because you can save money if your protective barriers can last longer. It's connected with the materials used in making these barriers. 

Based on the factors mentioned above, there are different types of cafe barriers and materials. Never trust the advertisements and online pictures of café barriers. Going to the physical store and checking it on your own is essential. Don't settle for less. Aim to choose the best. 

4. Quality of Material

The quality of the material aligns with the previous factors to consider in buying barriers. The quality of material used in barriers must be in good condition. It should be authentic and durable to avoid defects and to last longer. 

This factor is essential because cafe barrier systems will be better if it's in good condition and eye appealing. It would be more attractive to a mass audience.

Types of Restaurant Barriers

Here is the list of different types of cafe barriers you need to know. It is necessary for you to be familiar with these types. It would be very beneficial primarily in buying the café barrier that suits your business.

1. PVC Café Barriers

PVC type of barrier is more affordable because of its lower price than the others. It is waterproof and has high wind permeability. Despite its glossy texture, you can still print your business logo. Whether you want to print it on both sides or not is your decision. Remember that there's an additional cost if you prefer printing on both sides.

2. Canvas Café Barriers  

When it comes to quality, canvas café barriers are better than PVC. Also, it's more costly than PVC. This type of barrier is also waterproof, and it can withstand heavy rains and strong winds. 

Aside from that, it's more long-lasting when it comes to printing the logo of your business. Moreover, its texture is high quality. This barrier is perfect for pavement cafes.

Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

For you to grab the attention of a mass audience, you must choose the best barrier that suits your place. Remember that these are applicable to any type of business. 

In buying cafe barriers, you must remember different factors. You must consider the size and the type of place that you have. It will be your basis for choosing the right size, weight and type of cafe barriers you need. 

With regards to printing and the texture of your barrier, you have varieties of choices. You may choose a polished chrome finish if you want a classic and sophisticated vibe. 

Remember that you always have a choice; that's why ensure that you will choose the best.

Final Thoughts

Cafe Barrier Systems are a great investment in every business. It's not just essential for advertising your business and dividing your place. It's also helpful for the personal health of your customers. 

Cafe Barriers are truly beneficial. It would be very worth spending most especially if you will buy barriers with good quality and very cost-efficient. That's why you must study and know every single detail about the cafe barriers that you will buy. Make sure to consider all the factors needed in buying it.

Following this guide will surely make your customer's indoor and outdoor dining experience better.

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