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11 Menu Design Ideas for a Chinese Eatery

11 Menu Design Ideas for a Chinese Eatery

One of the common misconceptions when building a restaurant business is that you must focus only on the quality of your Chinese food. However, serving delicious food cannot single-handedly bring you profit; creating an eye-catching restaurant concept is also needed.

Chinese restaurants must also focus on their design interiors and menu designs to effectively invite potential customers as a place for their special occasions.

In this article, we have listed all you need to know to create your mouth-watering menu design.

Making a Concept/Design


Making a Chinese restaurant menu design for your dining establishment is crucial for your business as it can invite potential customers and bring you profit. However, some online designing platforms can give you Chinese food menu design ideas if you struggle to create a design concept.

Extraordinary design ideas or concept is undeniably a significant factor in any business, especially in the food business, where people are usually celebrating special occasions. In fact, according to a study in 2014, customers agreed that interior design could influence a wide variety of people.

How to Make a Menu

Chinese restaurant's menu design is the most critical tool for every food business because it is an influential selling tool where you can advertise your food to potential customers, whether printed or online. Food menu design ideas should present your Chinese cuisine in a well-organised manner along with its fresh ingredients.

Every food business has unique restaurant styles, making it essential for you to come up with a better menu design and excellent customer serviceThis article lists all the menu design ideas you need to create an enticing menu for your food restaurant business.

Menu Design Ideas for a Chinese Diner

If you are opening a pop-up restaurant and seeking effective food menu design ideas that can entice your potential customers, you are in the right spot because we have listed all the menu design ideas you need!

These restaurant menu design elements consist of the best template, photoshop, illustrator and InDesign menu design ideas that you can easily use.

1. Semi Casual Menu Design 

Semi-Casual food menu design ideas will be the perfect match for your restaurant if you are looking for a well-organised set of food menu templates consisting of PSD (Photoshop Document) and AI (Adobe Illustrator) files that can effectively entice your Chinese customers.

2. InDesign Menu Design

The Chinese restaurant menu design should always be well-organised and enticing to attract customers through print media or online. InDesign menu is the best option for you to use if you are looking for the right menu for your new bistro.

InDesign menu uses an A4 menu format, allowing you to get enough space for your amazing Chinese food images on your restaurant menu.

3. Casual Menu Design

Here is one of the best food menu design ideas you can use for your casual eatery. To tempt potential consumers and make it simple for them to browse the menu swiftly, you may group meals and add beautiful images of your delicious dishes using this creative menu design idea.

4. Modern Menu Design

The modern design concept is the perfect choice for your food business if you are looking for eye-catching and beautiful menu templates.

It makes a menu appealing and current by combining bright colours and bold design. The template file is editable in InDesign and is available in standard A4 format with good resolution.

5. Solid Colour Menu  Design

Another perfect choice for you is using a solid colour scheme as your food menu design idea because it features solid and bold colours on the other side of your restaurant menu featuring your best-seller dish. However, the other side contains images, prices and food descriptions for your Chinese customers.

6. Tri-fold Menu  Design

The idea of a tri-fold food menu design will be the best for you if you are looking for a creative design to advertise your Chinese food cuisine.

It's simple to customise by putting your Chinese food's beautiful images and text and altering the colours to match your colour palette using adobe illustrator.

7. Placemat Menu Design

Using the placemat food menu design idea can lift your restaurant's dining establishment design. You can easily display the menu on dining tables where customers can quickly browse and look for their meals instantly.

8. Seafood Menu Design

Seafood Chinese cuisine must be adequately presented on your menu as always fresh and flavorful, making it essential to include pictures of the dish and its ingredients. In this instance, the menu content is combined with your lovely photographs to create the right balance.

9. Coffee Menu Design

Are you looking for effective cafe design concepts that can entice your Chinese customers? Try to use this coffee shop menu where you can advertise your product content through chalkboard-inspired design and colourful cursive fonts.

10. Bifold Menu Design 

Are you looking for a food menu design idea with simple and limited food options? The bifold menu design template is the perfect choice for you. Simple, fixed menu options and large, attractive, tempting visuals are the characteristics of the bifold menu design template.

11. Minimalist Menu Design

Clean, minimal and organised designs are the things that can easily attract people who love minimalist design and boost your upscale eatery. The minimalistic design, available in both AI and PSD formats, comprises well-organised layers that are incredibly simple to alter.


One of the most crucial internal marketing tools a restaurant can utilise to inform customers about the experience they will enjoy is the menu because it is the first thing they will receive upon entering your restaurant. An attractive, well-organised, and mouthwatering menu is crucial to promoting your brand since it provides a quick impression of the establishment and is the only piece of advertising that every customer will read.

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