Restaurant Menu Trends You'll See In 2022

Restaurant Menu Trends You'll See In 2022

Many people are compelled to stay in their homes because of the pandemic. This occurrence has led to changes in their preferences as customers. Particularly when it comes to dining. Mostly ordering take-out or deliveries, folks who are confined in their abodes began to focus on their health.

Restaurants, on the other hand, started to implement sustainable practices. Along with these are incorporating mood and immunity-boosting selections in their menus. These, among plenty more others, bring about new restaurant menu trends in 2022.

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6 Astonishing Restaurant Menu Trends In 2022

For the most part, it is anticipated that South American, Southeast Asian and Caribbean cuisine are going to pervade the kitchen at the turn of the decade. Below is a list of the global restaurant trends this year.

1. Vegan Or Plant-Based Foods For The Health-Conscious

To date, it has been reported that over 4 million people stick to plant-based diets. With the Covid-19 pandemic taking place, the production of meat and dairy alternatives is on the rise. Statistics in fact cited that on a global scale, the value of the vegan market has increase to $16 billion in 2021. By 2025, it is expected to grow by 9%. The vegan trend is therefore on the up and up.

It is not only the vegan population that is keen on living on vegan products. The flexitarian population feeds on them as well as they try to reduce their meat consumption. Then again, the truth of the matter is that a huge percentage of the total population has permanently rendered their adherence to veganism.

So you might as well expect plant-based sandwiches, burgers and vegan dips, sauces, snacks and creamery, along with grain-based bowls to be integrated into numerous restaurant menus in 2022.

Even the plant-based meat industry is considering creating and distributing meat substitutes that taste like actual meat. Urban farming is becoming more popular, making it possible to easily acquire hyper-local products that are grown sustainably.

2. Tasty and Immunity-Boosting Functional Ingredients

The aftermath of the Covid-19 mayhem has brought about the popularity of functional or immune-boosting foods. Believing in herd immunity, people began to eat these foods collectively. A great number of individuals are getting particular about their health, resulting in the inclusion of immune-boosting ingredients in desserts, dips, snacks and even beverages.

For instance, there’s the functional drink Poppi which is infused with organic ingredients, prebiotics, fruits, herbs and berries. Refreshments like this benefit the heart, the gut and the immune system.

3. Sugar Alternatives For The Weight Loss and Diabetics Populace

Options for low-calorie foods have become major preferences for those who are health-conscious and want to lose weight. For individuals who are diabetics, sugar alternatives are deemed to be beneficial. It is also a sensible choice if you have undergone a weight loss procedure. Maple sugar, coconut sugar and low-sugar snacks are particularly helpful because they contain fewer calories, and are important ingredients in desserts and sweets.

4. CBD Suffusions For Uniquely-Tasting Healthy Choices

Cannabidiol continues to prove its significance in boosting health, and it goes with the collection of healthy foods that are becoming mainstream. Restaurants have begun to integrate CBD into their food and menu items. CBD is primarily regarded as now legal in many countries, and in the coming years, it is likely to pop in as a trend. This ingredient has the potential for making foods taste palatable (and healthy), and is infused in snacks, beverages and desserts- selections that are bound to dominate restaurant menus.

5. Flexitarian Cuisine For Vegans and Meat-Lovers

So essentially, what is flexitarian food? It caters to the nourishment needs of “flexitarians”, or that populace of people who want to cut down on eating meat but on the other hand do not want to become entirely vegan. Meat alternatives are actually gaining popularity as food choices as a huge portion of the population aims to reduce consuming meat. Global Data indicated in a report that 70% of the population has done away with eating meat and has bellied up with meat alternative nourishments. In conjunction with this is giving due awareness to animal welfare and environmental protection.

Menus in restaurants are thus apt to include plant-based items along with meat choices but ensure that they are of premium quality. Thought to be extremely popular are selections that mix vegetarian and non-vegetarian food elements. An example is burgers that have meat patties and veggies.

6. Comfort Food For Solace and Satisfaction

Times seem to be uncertain since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, and people look for solace and comfort. Plenty of them searches for that tasty and luscious food that is expected to take over restaurant menus in 2022. For occasional indulgence, you can opt to have fried chicken and cheese- high in calories but definitely comforting to munch. After a long lockdown, indulging in comfort food feels like a truly liberating experience. Then there’s ginger, or else turmeric noodle broth- feel-good ingredients that satiate the senses, although it depends on the choice of customers.


Food and eating habits, as well as restaurant preparations and menus, have been highly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and these trends are expected to pervade homes and eating establishments in 2022.

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