9 Tips For Maximizing Takeaway Sales Of Your Food Business

9 Tips For Maximizing Takeaway Sales Of Your Food Business

People tend to spend a substantial amount of money on eating out. With the onslaught of the pandemic, their restaurant dining options may have become limited, but still, many customers rely on commercial food establishments for their meals. This is good news for food business owners, although many of them may be struggling.

Restaurant owners and operators should therefore be resourceful and creative in keeping their business afloat, and one way of doing so is by offering takeaway service. At this point, outdoor dining may be allowed (in limited capacities); nevertheless, restaurants need to drive their takeaway sales. The following are tips pertaining to this.

How To Maximize The Takeaway Sales Of Your Restaurant

Allow customers to order online

The average adult spends at least 4 hours looking at their phone screens every day. Basically, people are addicted to their smartphones these days, including consumers. Consider that in many aspects of their activities, from social media, shopping, and learning, among others, folks turn online.

It is thus practical that you establish an online ordering system and allow potential customers to order via such a portal. A third-party app will be beneficial in this aspect.

However, if a third-party app entails a huge cost, you can opt to use a fast and free online ordering system platform.

Utilize curbside pick-up service

If there is a need to limit indoor contact, you can give customers the option to pick up their to-go orders at the curbside. They will have to make their orders in advance and take it to the establishment storefront or their vehicles.

Depending on the online ordering platform, you can set up your system to enable the curbside pick-up feature. If you have activated this function, customers can request it at checkout. If applicable, they will be required to indicate their vehicle description.

Create and promote takeaway-only specials

Restaurant operators are well aware that sales strategies such as daily specials, kids’ eat-free night, and Friday afty drinks specials are effective in driving traffic. Then again, this only refers to dine-in traffic and not for takeaways or carry-outs.

But takeaways are the "thing" nowadays, and customers would want to have their dining out cravings satisfied through takeaway deals. One way to get an edge over the competition and increase your takeaway orders is by offering takeaway-only specials.

An example is by giving a free appetizer for every takeaway order. A free meal for kids can also be offered for a takeaway order of an entree. If a customer orders a family meal consisting of several items, you can give them a discount. See what works for your takeaway offering deals to attract people and new customers and bring in more sales.

Set up a loyalty program

Your customers can become your brand promoters if you have an efficient and attractive loyalty program as part of your restaurant sales strategy. Make sure that your efforts for these sell and that you obtain a significant sales advantage.

Apparently, restaurant sales tactics of the like boost customer loyalty, even if it's just a simple punch card. Other than driving return business, a loyalty program can help you gather more customer contact details, allowing you to sell or market to them via phone or email.

Be consistent with your social media marketing strategy

Restaurants, in general, can make good use of social media marketing. Nevertheless, the tendency for small establishments with a limited budget is to set up social media accounts but end up forgetting about them. They are not consistent in utilizing this digital marketing strategy.

What a big opportunity it is to miss in terms of reaching out and widening the customer base that would consequently enable you to increase takeaway sales.

People spend an average of 2 hours every day on social media websites and platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. If you know how to take advantage of these, you can be in on attracting a large number of followers and customers.

So don't forget the social media part of your marketing. Optimize your social channels to promote your food business, particularly your takeaway and delivery sales.

Step up your takeaway promotions offline

Your overall marketing strategy should include offline measures, such as flyers, posters, and sandwich boards. You can make use of a takeaway leaflet template, too. Other than serving affordable and tasty food, be creative. You can have your favourite dishes and enticing promos and discounts printed on flyers that you can post around town to boost your advertising efforts.

Posters can likewise be placed on your window to attract the attention of passers-by. Sandwich boards are handy in the same way, being free-standing sidewalk signs that will announce your services and offers. Menu board signs are practical options as well.

Choose your menu carefully

As much as you would like to put all the tastiest and delectable dishes on your menu, you first should be aware of the limitations of this option. Consider that not all foods travel the same. If it's winter, for instance, you might think it's a great idea to offer hot and hearty meals like casseroles and roasts. Nonetheless, you should have second thoughts because these foods easily lose their heat and consistency. They don't travel well, which ultimately can give your customers an unpleasant experience.

In this aspect, it is best to downsize your takeaway menu, featuring only cost-effective dishes and, at the same time, travel well.

Provide a comfortable spot where customers can wait

It depends on how your takeaway process is set up, but if customers stand in line outside your restaurant to make their orders, you should deem it proper to invest in equipment to make them comfortable. For example, if it's snowy or rainy weather, you can put up tents for shelter, heaters, or a fire pit where people can congregate around.

Hire your delivery driver

Delivery companies provide a fleet of delivery drivers as a primary service. But if you hire your delivery driver, your business gets to keep 100% of the commissions. If you can invest in establishing your own set of drivers and cars and the ongoing costs of an efficient delivery system, it can be worth it.


With the above tips for maximizing the takeaway sales of your food business, you can provide excellent food and services to your customers and bring in huge profits.

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